Ant HOME_0.small-thumbnailThe kashrut department of the Joburg Beth Din have just issued a warning on two Bestnut products – which they warn are “no longer certified by the Beth Din with or without the Beth Din Logo.”

Chabad angry at use of Rabbi
Statement by Chabad Lubavitch World HQ titled: “Silence of Jewish Community of Lithuania Conspicuous.” Organisation expresses dismay in the manner a Lithuanian newspaper made a Rabbi look bad, and the lack of reaction from Jewry.
Kashrut notice – Tim Tam biscuits
The kashrut department of the Joburg Beth Din today re-issued a notice on Tim Tam biscuits. This is simply a restatement of the status quo, which is quite complex so kosher users are advised to read this notice carefully.
Our tax-rands funding PA, Hamas
3500 Reads, dozens of angry comments: This MyShtetl EXCLUSIVE! showed how R40-odd-mil of SA taxpayer money went to PA & how it was spent. Major Jewish orgs weren’t aware of this but ignored requests for comment!
Ivan stands his ground as BDS campaign threatens boycott
CEO Ivan Saltzman’s spat with woman over Disc-Chem’s selling Israeli products leads to boycott calls from BDS. We’ll sell products from Israel & Muslim countries, says Ivan. Story goes global as users support Ivan.
2012 Resolutions
Regular contributor Mick from Toronto submitted this list of things to make one’s life more fulfilling. We really thought it was brilliant and suggest Shtetlers take a look. These are life-changing suggestions, so don’t expect any jokes.
Genocide in Israel (with a difference)

“The West have much to repent for – in the blind eye we have turned to the slaughter of innocents,” says Giulio Meotti, author of several books dedicated to ensuring the victims of what he calls “The New Shoah” are never forgotten.
Do we opt for principle or politics?
The Talmud tells us: “One who can protest an injustice but does not, is an accomplice to the act.” As he starts his working day, he reminds myself of his responsibilities to do what’s right, & speak out against what’s wrong – writes David Jacobson.
Here it is: The single most read issue of 2011 on MyShtetl, us!

Believe this or not, a bizarre debacle of communal leaders & orgs pressing ChaiFM to fire MyShtetl’s Ant Katz & can his popular radio slot! Why? Embarrassed Chai don’t know