Aliyah News

IC Red Carpet HOME.small-thumbnailIt’s been a busy month & year for Israel Centre SA. They sent off their forth & last “Red Carpet” Aliyah group this week, have 220 teenagers on their Israel Encounter. SA continues to have one of the top Aliyah percentages worlwide.
Israel Fair was a huge hit

Over 500 enjoyed the artists, music, refreshments, stalls, & lots of fun activities at the Israel Fair. Beyachad’s parking lot now sports 25 stunning, colourful Israeli-themed murals which inspire hundreds every week.
Be at the rally for Gilad

Thousands expected to show up to remember the 5th anniversary of Gilad Shalit’s captivity. You can be there at the start, march with the crowd or be at the end-point – but be sure to be there! Everyone else will.
Mural art contest – fab prizes

The Israel Centre is offering 3 fabulous prizes & invites all in the community to consider taking part in the mural art contest which makes up an element of the Israel fair. The contest promises to be great fun.
Be part of this!

The Israel Centre and a host of affiliated organisations are holding a massive march and rally for Gilad Shalit in August. Every Joburg Jew should be part of this – let’s all get together and make some serious noise!