Education News

Adrian GoreKing David Schools’ Foundation employee arrested last week in connection with the missing R2.7m still in prison & due to seek bail tomorrow. The Sunday Times yesterday revealed the name of the accused – which police have confirmed.
Trustees find millions missing

A good call by trustees of the newly reconstituted KDSF led to the discovery that R2.7m had been misappropriated by a member of the KDSF staff who has been sacked. PWC are investigate this “abhorrent act” further.
Be at the rally for Gilad

Thousands expected to show up to remember the 5th anniversary of Gilad Shalit’s captivity. You can be there at the start, march with the crowd or be at the end-point – but be sure to be there! Everyone else will.
Helen warmed up the crowd

Helen Heldemuth enthralled a large crowd with her witty repartee as “Bobba Feigie” & granddaughter “Raizele” in a prelude to the main performance at the annual Samantha Amy Brest Endowment Fund fundraiser.
Join the Kids’ Sefer Torah project

Let your kids become part of the Mitzvah of owning a word in a Sefer Torah.

The Children’s Sefer Torah project is endorsed by the Chief Rabbi & all Jewish day schools