Emergency Services

GAP logo_1.small-thumbnailWoman hijacked in Rouxville

2 Men attack woman, steal car in 4th Ave at 2.45pm Tues. In minutes GAP & SAPS on the scene. At 3.20 men are in garden in 6th Ave. In what can only be called a tactical triumph, it was all over in 45 mins & everyone was safe – read how it all went down..
Meet the new Joburg CSO director

Meet the CSO. What they do, how they achieve success, their plans for the future. Read all about the body that ensures the Joburg Jewish community can live their Jewish way of life, simply!
Don’t accept free key holders

Our friends at Magen have asked us to warn the community about free key holders being given out at garages which have a tracking device in them allowing them to follow the motorists. Magen have checked and confirm that people in Joburg and Durban have been hit.
Gap Newsflash

3 domestic workers held up in a Fairmount house this morning! A suspect apprehended by GAP in Jo’burg Road is being held by SAPS for questioning. Mazeltov to security services on 90 Crime-free days in Glenhazel.
Ezra to the rescue

The occupants of this car couldn’t have had a better first-responder on the scene on Sunday afternoon. The head of CSO’s EZRA medical emergency team was just moments behind them & that ensured them the most qualified care available.