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Israel Quiz 2012.small-thumbnailThe 2012 Israel Quiz looks set to be the biggest and best ever. And there are prizes galore to be won – including a return trip to Israel with R2,000 in spending money, an Apple iPad WIFI and another R20,000 plus in prizes!
Israeli tourism booming, but Cape Town is still the Top City

An annual survey by New York’s Travel+Leisure magazine finds Cape Town to be their readers’ favourite city to visit in the Middle East/Africa region, closely followed by Jerusalem & Tel Aviv. Cairo is 4th & Dubai 5th.
Airplane meals during the 9 days

The kashrut dept has issued a kosher advisory regarding airline food for kosher travellers flying during the Nine Days of Av. ElAl will accomodate the SA kosher community – but only if you know the password!

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Affordable, luxury, kosher Mauritius

Laura breaks ground for SA kosher travellers with a magical Mauritian holiday where 5-star chefs cook under supervision of Joburg Beth Din. And the Travel Wizard has been able to do it all at affordable prices too! This you must read!