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SA Jews must be forced to leave Jews infect SA with racism We must be subjected to perpetual suffering Something can happen to us with immediate effect “We will … cause what is regarded as harm…” Wits campus can be made “hell” for Jewish students & staff Leaders asking why Board doesn’t bring him to book?
Swiss ‘criminals’ cleared

Shtetler Stan submitted this bizarre story about the Swiss clearing the names of 137 people criminally convicted during WWII for helping Jews escape Nazi persecution. Only one of them lived (just) long enough to see her name cleared.
Genocide in Israel (with a difference)

“The West have much to repent for – in the blind eye we have turned to the slaughter of innocents,” says Giulio Meotti, author of several books dedicated to ensuring the victims of what he calls “The New Shoah” are never forgotten.
Jews are cunning, locusts, wild animals – UNESCO stops funding PA-Hitlerism

“Totally unacceptable” that while UN “upholds freedom of expression … a statement that may be interpreted as apology of the Holocaust is contrary to UNESCO’s constitutional mandate and values.”
Ancient seal found near Temple

ChabadGirl spotted this great story for us that hit the headlines on Christmas day. It seems that the seal was, in essence, a Hechsher used to certify food & animals as being kosher. The 2,000-year-old seal was excavated near the Kotel.