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CNN's Jews of Zambia.small-thumbnailA TV documentary on the work of Rabbi Silberhaft in Platteland communities & darkest Africa & further afield. Today, the Travelling Rabbi opened his own Youtube Channel where users can see this and over 100 other vids.
Who saw CNN’s Africa Report?

AJC head Shtetler Rabbi Moshe pointed us to this week’s CNN Africa Report which had a feature on the Jews of Zambia. He’s off travelling soon, to restore a cemetry he last did in 2005. A vagrant wreaked havoc, & now he’s off to fix it again!
Launch of Shnas Ho’arboim

Chabad/Lubavitch SA are holding a Yud Shvat Melave Malke celebrating the launch of Shnas Ho’arboim for 40 years of the Rebbe’s Shlichus in South Africa at the Orchid Room of the HOD Centre in Oaklands Road Orchards.
“Board lied and acted in bad faith throughout”

2011’s story with the happiest ending was of the victory of a small Shul over corrupt City of Joburg officials & office-bearers. MyShtetl lost its naïveté when Board members told us to stop supporting the Shul. We refused such injustice, of course.
Chabad angry at use of Rabbi

Statement by Chabad Lubavitch World HQ titled: “Silence of Jewish Community of Lithuania Conspicuous.” Organisation expresses dismay in the manner a Lithuanian newspaper made a Rabbi look bad, and the lack of reaction from Jewry.