Galliano.small-thumbnailSinger Danny K (Daniel Koppel) first asked Lisa’s father Billy Gundelfinger for his blessing 2 months before popping the question. Not a bad call when one is marrying the daughter of one of SA’s most famous divorce lawyers!
Dior designer arrested, suspended after his drunken anti-Semitic outburst in Paris

“John Galliano called me Jewish whore… with ugly eyebrows” says art historian who tells police he threatened to kill her boyfriend.

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In the PR-nightmare that followed Thursday night’s attack and arrest, Dior suspended their main man.
SA-born maestro honoured

Queen to bestow OBE on our Sarah next month for her contribution to society. This Lithuania-to-Doornfontein-to-OBE story joins a long list of distinguished community members to be honoured by the monarch.sraeli musician Roni Lea will be playing Israeli folk music at the new kosher MiVami on Suday. Lea, who has earned much acclaim during his 32 years in SA, will also be selling and signing his latest cd (see picture)