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Psychic Testimonials|best psychic reading| call 083 795 5996 Sandton | Johannesburg | Kempton Park | Randburg | Midrand | Pretoria | Randburg | Roodepoort

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Testimonials & Client Reviews

Sixth Sense Holistic Services - Matty
It is so nice to hear from you again! I can’t tell you how it feels since I have left our session, I cannot stop thinking about everything. I have spent so much time thinking. I feel so good, I feel like you have given me so much clarity and understanding. I really needed that! It is so nice to hear about my soul, and who I was in previous lives, I’ve never given much thought to that but this is what has helped me to understand who I am and why my life is what it is.

Sixth Sense Holistic Services - Samantha
I finally made an appointment for a reading. It was long overdue! The reading was comforting, reassuring but most of all, healing. I have a sense of spiritual well-being that I have not felt in some time. To top it off, Tony is a very warm and caring person, I immediately felt comfortable with him

Sixth Sense Holistic Services - Michelle
Tony has a warm and inviting spirit and thoughtfully delivers his messages with a smile. He did not rush, gave me hir undivided attention, and was spot on with her evaluation of me and much of my family. We spent time exploring the questions I had, connected with my family, and discussed my young brother at length. Tony brought up many personality traits in myself (good and bad) that I have and suggested ways in which I can use them to my favor in the future. It was very interesting listening to a stranger articulate things about me that I myself have never been able to put into words.

Sixth Sense Holistic Services - Adam
Tony has a high quality skill set as an intuitive, interpersonal psychic medium. He gave direct and accurate guidance. In turn, Tonys guidance provided great assistance with necessary problem solving tactics during a questionable time in my life (in regards to personal challenges). His words were kind, calming and reassuring. Honored to have met with Tony and I truly feel I can build a strong relationship with Tony in the future.

Sixth Sense Holistic Services - Sipho
I recently had a phone session reading. I wasn’t sure how it would work since sometimes the phone can be impersonal. Let me just say all my doubts went away once we started talking. The energy is wonderful and he was extremely helpful in having me see things in a different light. He gave great insight and had valuable advice on next steps I should take to better myself. I truly recommend making an appointment with as it was a wonderful experience.

Sixth Sense Holistic Services - Vanessa
Aside from your outstanding professional work, I find you warm, generous and a very thoughtful soul. The work you do is amazing. You provided me not only with ample validations, but with an absolute genuine EXPERIENCE of my grandmother in spirit.

Sixth Sense Holistic Services - Johnathan
You're reading for me about two years ago was transformational. It opened up the doors to my spiritual path and I cannot thank you enough.

Sixth Sense Holistic Services - Loki
I was at a dead end or so it seemed. My reading was able to lift the curtain and make me see things through different eyes. Tony has a great aura and will make you feel comfortable and welcomed right away. He knew things he couldn't have possibly known. I appreciate his time she spent with me and treasure every minute. I will definitely see him again and would only encourage others to see him as well!

Sixth Sense Holistic Services - Kaylee
I had my first phone reading from a psychic medium. Talking was like talking to a close friend. Many confirmed things for me. Thank you for guiding me!

Sixth Sense Holistic Services - Margaret
My reading was the first experience with a medium . I can say that after my experience of affirmations and enlightenment, I look at life from this point forward in a whole new light. The positive energy and honesty of connection is there and I have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the life changing experience of the reading.


083 795 5996
NEW Optional Value Added Service!!

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