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Chief Pesach.small-thumbnailWatch out when buying Snapple

A notice issued by the kashrut dept of the Joburg Beth Din warns of the kashrut status of some “Snapple” products being sold in SA. The kosher community are advised to read this to ensure they know which Snapple they are buying.

Finger biscuits are back!

A notice issued by the kashrut department today will warm the cockles of many a Jewish mother’s heart – whether it relates to baby-food or puddings – Bakers Boudoir (Finger) Biscuits are back on the kosher list – and Parev as well!

Beth Din needs volunteers

Here’s your opportunity to join the “Kashrut CSI” team. You will simply carry on doing what you do in your everyday life – but keep an eye out for the kashrut dept & report on certain issues.

Silly them, forgot the Hechsher

The kashrut dept has issued an advisory message regarding Robertson’s, The Spice People, who appear to have printed new packaging and/or labelling and, silly them, they forgot to include a kosher logo. What now? Read on to see…

Good news for kosher travellers!

The Beth Din announced this morning that a range of approved biltong-type snacks are now available to both arriving & departing passengers at ORT Tambo International Airport.

BEWARE: Kashrut warning on 2 ranges

Some Appletiser products NOT kosher. Fruit&Veg range, with BD Hechsher, also NOT kosher! Our law so often warns: Caveat Emptor – let the buyer beware! Read publisher Ant Katz’ warning to kosher consumers on this.

New online services from UOS

UOS adds a great new hi-tech online service. They now offer all Zmanim for a growing list of SA centres both on the web and mobi – and travellers can even print what they need before leaving. And, as they say on TV, that’s not all…
Kashrut Alert – Nestle ice cream

The kashrut department of the Joburg Beth Din issued an important Kashrut Alert this morning informing the kosher community about certain Nestle ice cream products that are not kosher certified.

Message for Chanukah 2011/5772

The Chief Rabbi today released his message for Chanukah. Rabbi Goldstein continues to embrace audio visual technology to aid the impact of his messages.

Beware of yogurt ambushes!

The kosher community have had many new kosher products lately. BEWARE of this one which purports to be kosher. IT’S NOT! “Danone apologises” but no news from the kashrut dept on when the matter will be remedied.

Chief: This Shul is precious to us!

All present were in awe & none will forget their encounter with the Chief Rabbi. He spoke on his love for Joburg, & made the point of how “precious” he & SA Jewry hold a small Shul in Orange Grove called Baal Shem Tov.

Chief Rabbi on the ‘Secrecy Bill’

Chief Rabbi Goldstein joins growing calls for transparency & offers a Torah perspective on the new bill. Read what he says on how SA Jewry should view its duty in creating a morally safe society which protects against wrongdoing.