Welfare Services

Wendy Kahn.small-thumbnailWelfare Services
Board’s Japanese disaster relief fund

“In our small way, we can make a difference,” says SAJBD national director Wendy Kahn in an appeal to SA Jewry to assist in the plight of the Japanese. The Board has partnered with the JDC as they did for Haiti.
Job Junction? More like Park Station!

Our Jewish Job Junction could just as well be called Park Station, given the amount of traffic it’s getting. 14 new JOBS posted in past week, 63 open to apply for. 91 applications submitted & several placements made.
Bess did Jews proud for 55 years

Miss Massachusetts Lauren Galler Rabinowitz had a 1:50 chance of becoming the 2nd Miss America in 90 years last weekend. She didn’t.

Bess Myerson (pic) won the crown in 1945 and used the fame to fight anti-Semitism, raise $1-mil for a fledgeling Israel & more.
Warning: ganovim in the shtetl

Impersonators claiming to be from Eskom and/or Council are reported to be active in our area. They ransacked a house yesterday after claiming to be on official business. Read more about their modus operandi and warn your family and staff!
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