Woman hijacked in Rouxville

In what can only be called a tactical triumph assisted by information from the public and some clever security work – two men who attacked a woman in Rouxville this afternoon were put out of business within 45 minutes and nobody was hurt.

Here’s how it went down…

• 14:45 A woman is shopping for food in the GAP area. She leaves the shops and drives to a friend’s home in Fourth Ave, Rouxville, to make a delivery.

• 15:00 She arrives at her friend’s home and notices two unknown males walking toward her. She does not call them in to the ICCC, gets out of her car and walks around to the passenger side. She leans into the car to fetch the food parcels. Suddenly, one of the men approaches her, grabs her car keys and gets into the driver’s seat. The other man restrains her until she lies on the floor, then gets into the car with his accomplice and the two men flee the scene. No weapon is seen during the incident.

• 15:11 A neighbour in Fourth Ave witnesses the incident. He immediately calls GAP and joins the woman at the scene. The witness reports the description of the woman’s car and the direction in which the suspects fled. The woman reports her registration to the ICCC. The ICCC immediately dispatch a Tactical Vehicle to the scene and deploy a number of additional Tactical Units as blocking points around the area.

• 15:13 Tactical Officers locate the stolen vehicle in a street nearby the scene of the crime, according to the exact description reported to them by ICCC staff.

• 15:20 A resident in Sixth Ave calls GAP and reports possible trespassers on her property. A Tactical Unit is dispatched to her property to investigate the trespassers, whom the ICCC can now confirm were the suspects attempting to escape. They had given up the vehicle they’d stolen from the woman in Fourth Ave and were now on foot. Tactical Officers call in to the ICCC and report the abandoned vehicle on Sixth Ave. Witnesses in this area report gunshots, however a complete analysis of the incident by the ICCC has revealed that no shots were fired by GAP Tactical Officers.

• 15:25 The ICCC receives a report that one of the suspects has been found and arrested by SAPS officers.

The success of the operation that led to yet another GAP victory and a successful arrest, says GAP, was due to a combination of factors:

1. A witness called GAP immediately after the crime took place.

2. The efficiency of the ICCC ensured that accurate details of the incident were recorded and GAP Tactical Officers were dispatched within seconds.

3. A rapid and highly effective strategy of blocking points, seamless communication and superior tactical skills left the suspects with no choice but to give up the car they’ve stolen and attempt to flee on foot.